Division Leadership Conference 2018

A Division Leadership Conference (commonly abbreviated as DLC) is a gathering of the Officers of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, the various District Officers, and the local Lodge officers and Brethren for the purpose of Masonic education and interaction.

There are multiple conferences scheduled every year as an opportunity for the Grand Lodge Officers to meet with Brethren from all across the Commonwealth to exchange thoughts and ideas, and to discuss plans for the future of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

2018 Dates and Locations (click for Google Maps link)

DLC Schedule (PDF, 2 pages; 0.2 MB)

DLC Agenda (PDF; 4 pages; 0.6 MB)


Casual dress, appropriate to the weather. The buildings may start cool and grow warmer as the session goes on

Who should/can attend?

Any Virginia Mason is encouraged to attend. There is no tiled session, and no requirement that you hold an officer’s position. This is a great introduction for newly raised Master Masons, as well as long-time members and seasoned Past Masters.


  • Please bring your dues card for rapid registration
  • Bring your thoughts, issues, and readiness to engage your Brethren across the Division and Grand Lodge Officers (individually and in the breakout sessions) to improve yourself in Masonry

Post-DLC Survey

Please give your input here to make our next sessions better.

Grand Lodge DLC site